Time-of-Use Price Programmes – a cheaper way for energy

How can I reduce my electricity bills? This question never goes away. Both the expectations of the customer and the need for energy continue to increase while power companies seek modern solutions. Nowadays most of us pay a fixed rate for electrical energy, regardless of the time when it is used. How can we reduce the cost? Just “switch” to a conscientious method of using energy, namely to use electricity at its cheapest. The participants in the ENERGA Living Lab project test modern, Time-of-Use Price Programmes.

Variable rate, savings for the home budget

The Time-of-Use Price Programmes include different rates for energy depending on the time of day, day of the week or season. The people participating in the ENERGA Living Lab are encouraged to avoid using the most energy consuming pieces of equipment when energy is the most expensive and instead to use them in the periods with lower rates. What does this mean in practice? By adapting power consumption to suit the Price Programmes, the participants are able to reduce their electricity bills.

Savings of up to 10%. Is this possible?

The testing of Price Programmes within ENERGA Living Lab will last 18 months, starting from April 2015. In this period the bills of the participants are calculated as previously, based on the valid price of energy. Simultaneously, the costs are also calculated according to the variable rates in the Price Programme. If the costs based on the Price Programme are lower than the costs according to the sstandard tariff, the participants receive the resulting difference. We expect that the most active participants of the Price Programmes will be able to save up to 10% on their electricity bills.