For the needs of the Energa Living Lab 2 project, we have developed an innovative tablet application. Thanks to it, participants can manage their energy usage in a much easier way. The app shows energy consumption at the current moment, during the day, week and month. It's an easy and motivating way to control consumption.


Special equipment was installed in each household taking part in the Project, which enables a systematic measurement of the total electricity consumption. It is a small device installed in a distribution board that sends information to tablets provided to the household members about the current total consumption, which enables its optimisation.

Gamified competition

Each family was equipped with electricity metering for the measurement of the current energy consumption and a tablet with the LivingLab 2 app, which shows the current energy consumption with an accuracy of 5 minutes. By monitoring the current consumption, the participants of the game set savings goals for the next two weeks (called “round”). For example, a savings goal is a 4% reduction in energy consumption (-4%). For achieving the savings goals, and for other achievements in the game, each family scores points, which are then shown on the board in the app. By collecting more points, the participants win attractive prizes, such as tickets to cultural institutions, LED bulbs, or free rental of an electric vehivle for a weekend. Here at Energa Living Lab, what we genuinely care for is good fun and an increase our customers' energy self-awareness.

Tariff simulator

Thanks to a new tool, it is possible to run a simulation of the energy consumed and to choose the right tariff for the Customer. The simulator enables the simulation of electricity costs based on an individual consumption profile.. The tool presents the daily profile according to seasons and days of the week, based on averaged historical data. During the simulation, the user can see the specific cost of energy consumed according to each tariff and consumption.

The Tariff Simulator is an innovative on-line tool that helps to consciously plan the consumed electricity and monitor the bills. Thanks to the simulation, the customer can plan their daily consumption. The comparison helps to make an optimal choice. It is worth to see how much one will pay for the bills in other tariffs.