The first home power engineering laboratory

ENERGA LIVING LAB is the first energy laboratory in Poland created by and for the residents. It was an innovative research project, whose participants tried out new technologies and cutting-edge energy products in their homes.

To the project, we invited households from Gdynia, whose residents tried out new pricing solutions and tools supporting the management of electricity: multi-zone Price Programmes, reports on electricity consumption, cutting-edge Intelligent Home Network system, equipment measuring the total electricity consumption and an on-line tool helping to choose the best tariff deal for a given household.

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LIFE+ financial instrument

The project “ENERGA Living Lab for the improvement of the energy end-use efficiency” is co-funded by the European Commission and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, within the LIFE+ Programme which is dedicated to initiatives supporting new solutions that improve the natural environment. It is the only financial instrument in the European Union aimed solely at cofinancing projects for the protection of the environment and climate.

Living Lab methodology

Activities realised within the framework of this project follow the innovative Living Lab methodology, according to which solutions dedicated to electricity consumers are developed in the environment of their actual application. It means that new technologies or products are verified by end-users in their homes, as opposed to the traditional approach of in-lab verification. By sharing their ideas and observations about the tested tools, project participants have a direct impact on their development.