What does HAN stand for?

Home Area Network (HAN), also known as “smart home” or “intelligent home”, is a modern system of power management intended for houses and flats that helps to increase energy efficiency while reducing electricity bills and improving the natural environment and comfort of life.

HAN systems can cover the whole household, managing energy consumption by the use of different devices, such as radio and television equipment, household appliances, lighting, heating or air conditioning. The system works with the equipment found in the home, so there is no need to replace them. The solution enables the control, supervision and effective management of energy consumption in the household. Another advantage of the Home Area Network is the ability to manage the systems remotely via the Internet level using a mobile device application.

Co można zyskać, korzystając z ISD?

  1. Savings on electricity bills resulting from the more effective use of equipment.
  2. Information on which equipment consumes the most energy – HAN helps to identify the energy consumption of each piece of equipment, identifying those generating the highest costs or operating incorrectly.
  3. Safety and comfort – HAN provides the possibility of remote control of the connected electrical equipment.

HAN within the project

The project participants are able to test state-of-the-art HAN technologies in their houses or flats for an 18 month period. Within the project, the participants are trained on how to use the HAN equipment and the control panel. The Organiser provides all project participants with the relevant instruction manuals and necessary technical support during the project period. After the end of the project, the participants will have the possibility of keeping the tested devices, free of charge.