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The first Polish energy laboratory

Living Lab Gdynia is the first laboratory of modern energy in our country, created by and for the residents. The recipients of electricity from Gdynia, in their households, are trying out pilot solutions for energy management. In real conditions, they assess how the proposed innovations work when used on a regular basis.

In the first edition, Living Lab comprised 300 households from Gdynia, whose residents were trying out new pricing solutions and tools that helped them to use electricity in a conscious manner. 

The testing phase began in April 2015 and lasted 18 months.

During the tests, participants regularly received tips and information materials that helped them to work out new - optimal for them and for the environment - ways of using electricity. The Participants were provided with the necessary technical support by the organiser, and their progress and impressions were regularly recorded during interviews and surveys.

Monitoring the bills, current consumption and planning energy consumption were facilitated by multi-zone Price Programmes, offering variable rates for energy per day and innovative tools, including:

-Personalised reports with feedback on energy consumption

-Tools visualising the data on energy costs and consumption 

-HAN technology (Home Area Network) - an innovative energy management system for homes.

After the end of the first edition of the project, the organiser compiled a report summarising its results and a technical report on the boundary characteristics of power grids enabling to effectively implement the Home Area Network system. Thanks to the Project, 93.3 MWh of electricity and 83 tons of CO2 were saved.


The goals and results of the project

The main goal of the ENERGA Living Lab project is to improve the quality of the environment (reduction of the CO2 footprint) through the optimisation of energy management in the Participants' homes - project results will be used in other European cities.

The Participants of the laboratory can influence the popularisation of the energy management tools and the benefits of using them - instilling ideas among their friends and family.


The next edition of the Project

In October 2017 another edition of the Energa Living Lab project was launched. The duration of this edition was shorter than the previous one and took 4 months, i.e. until the end of January 2018. This time 43 households from Gdynia could try out two innovative products that help to effectively save energy:

• Equipment that enables the measurement of the total energy consumption,

• An on-line tool that helps to choose the most profitable electricity tariff.

For the needs of the Project, a modern application was created, which facilitated the energy management and product testing. Each participant received a dedicated, free tablet to use the app.

In this edition the Project took on a slightly different form - the participants were divided into rival teams and competed for prizes. Moreover, each participant set for themselves an individual savings goal.

In September and October workshops were held, during which each participant learned how the second edition of the Project worked. It was also a time to ask questions or clear up doubts. All the rules of participation in the project were discussed in detail. During the project, the participants were provided with support in the form of tips and advice regarding the optimisation of consumption.

By taking part in the project, the participants had the opportunity to learn how to manage electricity in a more efficient way, which directly contributed to the greater reduction of CO2 in the project area.


 LIFE + financial instrument

The project is co-financed by the European Commission and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management as a part of the LIFE + Programme, which is dedicated for initiatives supporting new solutions that improve the natural environment.


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