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Articles about ENERGA Living Lab

Houses of future in Gdynia (in Polish)

Emisja – a corporate magazine for employees of the ENERGA Group - published an interview with the substantive coordinator of the project. The interview deals with smart homes within the "living laboratory" in Gdynia and what awaits their inhabitants.

Green energy for Gdynia (in Polish)

The third issue of Emisja features an article about photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and prosumers in Gdynia.

Innovative IT solutions in customer communication (in Polish)

The fourth issue of Emisja features an article about IT tools tested by the participants of ENERGA Living Lab project.

Innovation is energy (in Polish)

September issue of Business Monitor presents an article about the innovative services offered by Enspirion and tested within ENERGA Living Lab.

Energa Living Lab - living laboratory of  energy in Poland (in Polish)

Business Plus in Gazeta Wyborcza published an article about living laboratory of energy in Gdynia.

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