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Gamification in Energa Living Lab is over!

At the end of January, a gamified competition between the participants of the Energa Living Lab came to an end. Faraday, Tesla and Edison teams fought for four months for the title of the best team. The participants tried to reduce the electricity consumption of their households, for which they received prizes.
The second edition of the project was gamified in order to additionally motivate the Participants in their efforts to optimise electricity consumption. For the purposes of the gamification, the Participants were divided into three teams: Faraday, Tesla and Edison. Each participant tried to individually generate savings, which directly contributed to the team’s result. The gamified competition consisted in 10 two-week rounds and the points would be scored after the end of each round. The higher amount of the points - the better the rewards. The Faraday team won the whole gamified competition, and because of this, the participants will get additional rewards. It is worth noting that each team was equally involved, and the team Faraday won only by a hair’s breadth:
“Each evening we check on the tablet (in an app): what team is on the lead? It's no longer about winning, but being better.”
The Participants unanimously agree that the element of gamification introduced by the organisers jazzed up the second edition of the project:
“The competition for points was much more engaging, I mean I was already motivated in the previous edition, but now each point is important.”
In the second part of the Energa Living Lab 43 families from Gdynia took part. The gamified competition began in October last year.

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